Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version

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Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version – Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version : Kali ini kita bakal membahas tentang sebuah software emulator windows yang bisa membantu kamu dalam melakukan uji coba sistem operasi tanpa harus menginstall ulang laptop atau pc kamu. Software tersebut yaitu Virtualbox. Dengan adanya software ini, akan mempermudah kita dalam melakukan uji coba terhadap sistem operasi yang kita inginkan.

Virtualbox sekarang hadir dalam versi 5.2.22. Virtualbox didesain untuk tampil friendly sehingga mudah digunakan. Emulator ini pastinya sangat berguna bagi siswa/siswi SMK jurusan Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak ataupun Teknik Komputer Jaringan, yang akan membantu mereka dalam memahami sebuah sistem operasi. Tidak hanya itu, software ini juga berguna bagi mahasiswa/mahasiswi jurusan komputer. Dijamin deh, dengan menggunakan software ini kamu tidak perlu rempong lagi untuk install dan uninstall sistem operasi di laptop kamu.

Screenshots :

Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version

Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version 1

Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version 2

Virtualbox 5.2.22 Full Version 3

Features :

  • VMM: more work on improving the emulation of certain MSR registers on certain host CPUs (e.g. bugs #12734, #12736, #12744, #12748, #12686, #12770)
  • VMM: fixed single-stepping for real-mode guests (VT-x without unrestricted guest execution) and some I/O instructions (bug #12636)
  • VMM: fixed a potential problem with COW pages if nested paging is not available
  • GUI: Mac OS X: experimental native full screen support for Mountain Lion and Mavericks (bug #12292)
  • GUI: Mac OS X: removed the mini-toolbar minimize button which doesn’t work under Mac OS X full screen mode anyway
  • GUI: experimental HID LEDs synchronization for Windows and Mac OS X hosts: fixed keyboard re-synchronization if the feature is disabled (as done by default; bug #12758)
  • GUI: fixed a potential crash when opening the preferences menu (bug #12862)
  • OVF: fixed a crash of the VirtualBox Manager when re-starting guest export (bug #12586)
  • 3D support: several fixes
  • HGCM: fixed a problem with saved states which could cause several guest misbehavior after a VM was started from a saved state
  • Storage: fixed a bug preventing to compact differential snapshots under certain conditions
  • VBoxSVC: fixed a segmentation fault on Linux hosts if a very long path exists under /dev (bug #12760)
  • API: fixed guest misbehavior under certain conditions if a storage medium was attached or removed at VM runtime
  • Windows installer: make the –silent parameter work again (bug #12764)
  • Mac OS X Networking: prevent local traffic (VM-to/from-host) from leaking to wire (bug #12750)
  • Windows Additions: fixed the environment for guest processes (4.3.8 regression; bug #12782)
  • Windows Additions/WDDM: fixed divide by zero exception with multiple guest screens under certain conditions
  • Linux Additions: install correctly on Ubuntu guest systems with a /usr/lib64 directory (bug #12513)
  • X11 Additions: fix for the VBoxClient process not exiting correctly (bug #12348) and consuming too much processor tim

Download :

Panduan Instalasi:

  1. Download File pada Link di atas!
  2. Extract dan install Virtualbox 5.2.22 sampai selesai.
  3. Enjoying!

Semoga Bermanfaat :)

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