MKVToolnix 15.0.0

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MKVToolnix 15.0.0 1BAGAS31.comMKVToolnix 15.0.0 adalah sebuah software kecil yang mampu membantu kalian dalam mengolah video dengan format MKV. seperti yang kita ketahui bahwa sekarang banyak sekali video video atau film dengan format MKV yang biasa disertakan dengan subtitle. dengan MKVToolnix, kalian bisa menggabungkan video MKV dengan subtitle sehingga tidak perlu lagi memisahkan antara video dan file .srt yang harus disamakan dengan file video. selain itu juga, kalian bisa memecah atau mengeluarkan subtitle yang sudah digabungkan dengan video MKV sehingga kalian bisa menggantinya dengan file subtitle yang baru. karena terkadang banyak sekali film-film dengan format mkv yang tidak sesuai dengan subtitlenya. baik itu delay atau yang lainnya.

Screenshoot :

MKVToolnix 15.0.0 2

Download :

Whats New on 15.0.0?

  • Bug fixes
  • all: selecting the program’s language (e.g. via the `–ui-language` command-line option or via the GUI’s preferences) did not work on Linux &
    Unix if the `LANGUAGE` environment variable was set and didn’t include the desired language. Fixes #2070.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: removed the keyboard shortcuts for switching between the different tools (e.g. `Ctrl+Alt+1` for the multiplexer). They overlapped with basic functionality on keyboards that use an `AltGr` key, e.g. German ones, where `AltGr+7` emits `{`. As `AltGr+key` is implemented as `Ctrl+Alt+key` under the hood, this means that `AltGr+7` is really `Ctrl+Alt+7` which the GUI now took to mean “switch to the job queue” instead of “insert `{`”. Fixes #2056.
  • MKVToolNix GUI: header editor: after saving the file the GUI wasn’t updating its internal file modification timestamp. That lead to the GUI wrongfully claiming that the file had been modified externally when the user wanted to save the file once more, requiring a reload of the file losing all modifications made since saving the first time.
  • mkvmerge: DTS handling: some source files provide timestamps for audio tracks only once every `n` audio frames. In such situations mkvmerge was buffering too much data resulting in a single gap in the timestamps of one frame duration after frame number `n – 1` (the second audio timestamp read from the source file was used one output frame too early). Fixes #2071.
  • mkvinfo: fixed a null pointer dereference if an `EbmlBinary` element’s data pointer is a null pointer. Fixes #2072.

Cara Install :

  1. Download Terlebih dahulu MKVToolnix 15.0.0 lewat link diatas
  2. Extract menggunakan WinRAR
  3. Install sesuai bit OS kalian (32 atau 64)
  4. Tunggu hingga selesai
  5. Finish

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MKVToolnix 15.0.0

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