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ACDSee Pro 6.2 Build 212 Full Keygen 1

Dulu saya sudah pernah posting ACDSee Pro 6.0 Final Preactivated bukan ? Nah, akhir-akhir ini ACDSee melakukan update terbarunya, yaitu ACDSee Pro 6.2 Build 212. Hmm, apa itu ACDSee Pro ? ACDSee Pro adalah sebuah software multi fungsi yang dapat sobat gunakan sebagai foto manajer, serta untuk mengedit foto atau gambar. Jika sobat malas mengedit foto dengan Photoshop, ACDSee Pro ini dapat sobat jadikan alternatif, karena dengan software ACDSee Pro ini sobat dapat mengedit foto hanya dengan beberapa klik saja.


ACDSee Pro 6.2 Build 212 Full Keygen 2
ACDSee Pro 6.2 Build 212 Full Keygen 3

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What’s new in this version ?
  • Super Fast Performance
    High resolution images require high amounts of handling power. Speed up your image processing and zoom through your workflow tasks, thanks to ACDSee Pro 6’s native 64-bit support for Windows operating systems.
  • Hierarchical keywords
    Save time and stay on top of your growing collection by creating keyword hierarchies that span from the general to the very specific. For example, say you’ve created this structure: Transportation | Cars | Vintage. When you assign an image of a Model-T to the Vintage keyword with a check of a box, it automatically gets added to the higher keyword levels. Click on a keyword in the Catalog pane or use Quick Search to display all of the files assigned to that keyword. Create as many levels as you need to fully and accurately classify your assets.
  • Improved color management
    Achieve a consistent color workflow. Reworked from the ground up, ACDSee Pro 6’s color management system resolves color matching issues that can occur between different devices with much more accurate color matching and higher quality results. Plus, multi-monitor support is now included.
  • Burn to Blu-Ray
    Quickly and easily archive your images to Blu-Ray discs, directly from within ACDSee.
    Non-destructive adjustment brush
    Make non-destructive adjustments to select areas of your images using a versatile brush to precisely get the look you want. Subtly or dramatically correct exposure, add clarity, boost vibrance and more.
  • Improved noise reduction and sharpening
    Rescue your high ISO images with ACDSee’s significantly improved noise reduction technology to get smoother and more natural results, while retaining as much edge detail as possible. Plus, the new Detail slider adds control over the sharpening process by feathering or softening the sharpening halos.
  • Better black and white
    Take your monochrome images to a whole new level of creativity with the dedicated black and white mode. Make high-quality non-destructive hue-based brightness adjustments and experiment with saturation-based tinting that allows you to add a specific hue back to a black and white image.
  • New processing tools
    Target midtones to make intuitive adjustments to your images – give a little extra definition to details with the Clarity tool, or get dreamy with Soft Focus. Use Cross Process to add a surreal, retro look. Or draw attention to a cropped portion of your image with Post-Crop Vignetting, complete with feathering, radius and roundness controls. Plus, you can now non-destructively reduce red-eye.
  • Advanced color improvements
    Adjust individual or overall color in your images with improved Advanced Color tools, built on a higher quality algorithm that uses modern color models for higher quality and more perceptual color adjustments. Add in more intuitive controls, and you can subtly fine-tune or dramatically change the hue, saturation, and lightness, for remarkably better results.
  • Brush on edits
    Quickly brush on any editing effect or adjustment to a specific area of your photo, complete with size and feathering controls. For even more flexibility, combine your edits with different blend modes for the ultimate in control and creativity.
  • Blur smartly
    Apply the new Smart Blur filter in Edit Mode as a creative effect, or to reduce the noise in your image. Smooth out the grain and noise patterns between edges while still retaining the sharpness and important details of your shot.

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