J River Media Center 17.0.147 Full Patch

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J River Media Center 17.0.147 Full Patch 1Selamat malam sobat BAGAS31, beberapa hari yang lalu mungkin anda telah disuguhi dengan software yang fungsinya tidak jauh beda dengan software yang saya posting malam ini. Kali ini saya kasih software yang menjadi andalan saya dalam pemutar musik yaitu J River Media Center 17.0.147 Full Patch, kelebihan software ini dari winamp yang munkin anda lebih mengenalnya adalah disisi tampilan dan didukung fitur-fitur yang tidak kalah lengkap. Software ini juga lebih userfriendly, selain itu J River Media Center ini juga bisa digunakan untuk Burning, nge-Rip, dll. Jadi tunggu apa lagi, software dengan fitur selengkap ini saya hadirkan gratis buat anda. Buat yang berminat silahkan langsung di download saja..!

Screen Shoot: 

J River Media Center 17.0.147 Full Patch 2
What’s New:
  • Fixed: Visualization Studio columns were not sizing nicely. 
  • Changed: When playback of a video fails because DSP Studio > Output Format needs configuration, a message will be shown offering to make the change and continue playback instead of automatically making the change (audio already works this way). 
  • Fixed: Putting a backslash in a user field name could cause trouble. 
  • Fixed: It was possible to create two fields with the same file-system name by using characters the file system didn’t support in the filename, leading to contamination between the two fields. 
  • Fixed: When creating a ZIP file, the UTF-8 flag was not being properly set (despite filenames being UTF-8 encoded), causing problems in some cases. 
  • Changed: Added mdx to the list of Disk Image / ISO types. 
  • Fixed: Panes that had nesting could cause a crash when using dropdown panes mode. 
  • Fixed: Video playback could use a small rectangle at the top left of the screen in certain cases with build 146. 
  • NEW: Added support for ID3v2 URL frames. Must manually add a field in Options > Library & Folders > Manager Library Fields… and select ‘Store in tags’ to use fields using the naming: WCOM: Commercial URL; WCOP: Copyright URL; WOAF: File URL; WOAR: Artist URL; WOAS: Source URL; WORS: Radio Station URL; WPAY: Payment URL; WPUB: Publisher URL 
  • Fixed: Bookmarking did not work on television shows that were watched while they were still  being recorded. 
  • Changed: Carnac better understands television filenames of the form “series ssee name” where “ssee” is four digits. 
  • Fixed: Performer store could crash if visited while internet connection was unavailable. 
  • Fixed: Mini skins that used scripting could crash in build 146.

Download link:

Password :  | Status : Tested (Windows 7 32-bit)

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