Adobe Audition CS6 Full Patch

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Adobe Audition CS6 Full Patch 1Adobe Audition CS 6 Full Patch adalah software yang banyak digunakan oleh para Professional di bidang Audio dan Video editor. Alasan kenapa para professional memilih Adobe Audition CS 6 Full Patch karena, Adobe Audition CS6 Full Patch menawarkan kebebasan tak terbatas dalam mixing, editing, membuat salinan master dan pemberian effect suara. Produk ini menggabungkan fleksibilitas dengan proses penggunaan yang mudah dan memungkinkan anda membuat product audio dengan kualitas terbaik. Lalu apakah anda tertarik untuk menjadi editor Audio yang handal, jika iya maka wajib bagi anda untuk memdownload software ini…!

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Adobe Audition CS6 Full Patch 2
Adobe Audition CS6 Full Patch 3

Features Adobe Audition CS6:
  • Create high-quality audio products – Adobe Audition supports files with sampling depth to 32 bits and a sampling frequency of 192 kHz, and recording on any media (including magnetic tape, CD, DVD or DVD-Audio discs).
  • All processing is performed in a 32-bit resolution, which allows for a highly professional results.
  • Achieve maximum efficiency in the work – Adobe Audition will provide you with all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently.
  • User-friendly interface allows you to perform the necessary operations in the shortest time, and floating panels provide a working fast – Rui simple adjustment of the working – transtva to suit your personal preferences.
  • Use integrated tools – Adobe Audition offers a complete solution for editing and mix-Bani audio files.
  • Built-in viewing modes (multi-track and is designed for editing), the special effects in real time, support loops, analysis tools, restore function and support for video series will provide you with unlimited opportunities in the processing of audio files.
  • Powerful tools, technology-based DSP – Use more than 45 effects, technology-based DSP, tools for creating master copies, analytical tools, as well as restore function audio files.
  • Create a soundtrack to the movie – Edit, mix and add effects to Phonograms in AVI, while watching the video.
  • Extended support for various audio formats – Work with audio files in all popular formats (including WAV, AIFF, MP3, mp3PRO, and WMA).
  • Intuitive user interface – With easy to use interface, you can start working immediately, without wasting too much time on training.

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Password :  | Status : Tested (Windows 7 32-bit)

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NOTE :  Sebelum install, Disconnect dulu dari internet, dan pastikan antivirus anda telah di disable.

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